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Smart contract floating above bitcon making it able to connecto to other block chains

Aki Balogh


• Founded an AI company, raised $15Mn, built a new industry

• Big Data Investor at OpenView Venture Partners

Jesse Eisenberg


• Engineering project lead at Twitter, MoPub and Pivotal Labs

• Experience in crypto/blockchain space as investor and developer

Seena Foroutan


• Global Head of Go To Market, Defi & Enterprise at Chainlink

• Global Head of Go To Market, Analytics & Cloud at Coinbase

Peter M Moritz


• Koncretio BV Advisory co-founder

• J.P. Morgan Private Bank vice president

• Future derivatives trader with 20 years of experience

Nadav Kohen


• Co-created the DLC specification that powers DLCs today

• Plays a key role in broadening DLC adoption in the crypto community

DLC.Link is building infrastructure that connects Bitcoin to smart contracts, paving a way to the world's first decentralized financial system.

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