On-Chain Deposits Case Study

Banks, exchanges, and lending desks are at the mercy of custodians and clearing houses who hold the private keys to YOUR Bitcoin. Traditional means of settlement for bonds, stocks, and commodities range from end-of-day cash settlement to t+3. In this day and age, there shouldn't be such hassle with guaranteeing delivery of an asset such as Bitcoin.

Not only does using a custodial solution create the potential loss of private keys to that Bitcoin (which is now out of your control), it also means an extra transaction on the Blockchain which costs transaction fees! Enter DLC.Link, the way to interact directly with your Bitcoin counterparty with the assurance of knowing all possible outcomes before ever signing any transactions with your private keys.

Additionally, these transactions which create these "conditional Bitcoin payments" remain private to the blockchain. No person or party knows how the Bitcoin agreed upon with your counterparty is going to be dispersed. Privacy and Certainty are guaranteed!

Join us as we enable a Trillion dollars of Bitcoin capital to be used in smart contracts. Contact us:

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