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June 19, 2024
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DLC.Link and Native Partner to Enable dlcBTC Lending

DLC.Link is thrilled to announce its partnership with Native, a major player in decentralized finance (DeFi). This collaboration brings dlcBTC, a safer wrapped Bitcoin minted from self-custody to Native's ecosystem, opening up new opportunities for liquidity providers (LPs).

Expanding dlcBTC Utility on Native Lend

Through this partnership, dlcBTC holders can now deposit their tokens into a single pool on Native Lend. This integration allows dlcBTC LPs to earn yields from the entire Native ecosystem of DeFi applications. Native's unique Peer-to-Professional Market Maker liquidity model offers sustainable yield earning opportunities in the form of market maker financing fees.

Why Native?

Native Lend stands out in the DeFi landscape for several reasons:

  1. Unified Liquidity: Native serves as a shared liquidity layer underlying DeFi. By pooling liquidity in this way, it resolves many of the liquidity fragmentation issues facing the space today.
  2. Access to Professional Market Makers: By leveraging Native’s pooled dlcBTC liquidity on credit, professional market makers can facilitate trades with optimal pricing and high capital efficiency.
  3. Sustainable Yield: LPs earn a portion of the credit financing fees paid by market makers, providing a steady and reliable income stream.
  4. Single-Asset Liquidity: LPs supply dlcBTC only, avoiding the impermanent loss common in other protocols.

Incentivized Launch and Rewards Program

To celebrate this partnership, Native Lend will launch an incentivized program in collaboration with DLC.Link. This program aims to attract early adopters by offering a comprehensive rewards package, potentially leading to attractive Annual Percentage Yields (APY) on their supplied capital.

The Future of DeFi with dlcBTC

Integrating dlcBTC into Native's ecosystem represents a significant step forward in DeFi innovation. dlcBTC, developed using Discreet Log Contracts (DLCs) invented at MIT, provides a safer and more secure way to wrap Bitcoin for DeFi use. This partnership underscores the commitment of DLC.Link to enhance the utility of Bitcoin in the decentralized finance world.

Key Benefits of dlcBTC:

  • Self-Wrapping: dlcBTC allows users to lock their Bitcoin in a multi-sig contract, maintaining complete control and eliminating third-party risks, such as government seizure and fund mismanagement.
  • Theft-Proof Pre-signature mechanism: Even in the event of a system breach, hackers can only transfer the locked BTC back to the original depositor, not steal it.
  • Transparency and Security: The process of locking Bitcoin into a DLC lockbox with cryptographic proofs is transparent and observable on the blockchain, offering clear visibility and audibility.
  • Efficient and Cost-Effective: The dlcBTC system is fully automated, eliminating the need for manual custody and resulting in rapid minting processes.

About Native

Native is DeFi's omnichain programmable liquidity hub. A unified layer provides capital-efficient liquidity across blockchains and the apps built on them. From any supported chain, liquidity providers can supply assets to the protocol, receiving yields in return through their Peer-to-PMM credit system, where sophisticated market makers use pooled liquidity on credit to deliver traders optimal pricing.

About DLC.Link

DLC.Link harnesses the power of Discreet Log Contracts (DLCs) to establish a theft-proof bridge between Bitcoin and Ethereum. In 2024, DLC.Link launched dlcBTC, enabling depositors to self-wrap their Bitcoin for DeFi on Ethereum while retaining full custody of their assets. This innovation transforms Bitcoin's role in DeFi, empowering depositors to engage in trading, lending, and hedging while maintaining self-sovereignty. For more details, visit

For more information and to get started with Native Lend, visit Native Lend.

Stay tuned for more updates and developments from DLC.Link as we continue to drive innovation and growth in the DeFi space.