Decentralized Wrapped Bitcoin

What is dlcBTC?

dlcBTC is a non-custodial representation of Bitcoin on the Ethereum blockchain.

How Does It Work?

Discreet Log Contracts (DLCs) ensure only depositors can access locked Bitcoin, without third-party custody risks.

Why is It Safer?

With dlcBTC, the DLC lockbox only pays out to the depositor. If hacked, only the original depositor can receive the BTC deposit.

Deploy dlcBTC Across Multiple DeFi Platforms

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Earn With dlcBTC

Earn Passive Income

Use dlcBTC in liquidity pools for fast, secure trades while earning passive income on your assets.

Invest to Earn Yields

Back your investments with dlcBTC, connecting your Bitcoin to DeFi without converting it.

Take DeFi Loans

Take stablecoin loans on dlcBTC, utilizing the transparency of blockchain without adding counterparty risks.

How Does dlcBTC Improve on wBTC?

Blockchain Security
Anti-Theft Design
Self-custodied. Users maintain control over their Bitcoin.
Secured by the Bitcoin network's full hashrate.
Designed to prevent theft; only allows BTC to return to its owner.
Custodian-controlled. Trust in a third party required.
Security depends on off-chain transactions with a single custodian.
Potential risk of theft based on custodian's security protocols.

How Does it Work?

What is dlcBTC?

Introducing the dlcBTC Merchant Network

What Are DLCs?

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