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November 29, 2022

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Bitcoin has proven itself as a store of value. But to earn yield on their Bitcoin, users have to first send it to a centralized custodian. This is extremely risky, as over $40Bn has been lost to date due to custodial hacks and failures.

The platform lets users lock their Bitcoin in escrow, directly in their wallet. Users can supply their Bitcoin as collateral and earn a yield while maintaining full ownership.

Currently, only 2% of Bitcoin is utilized. Escrow will unlock the remaining 98%, making over $1 Trillion in Bitcoin liquidity available for lending on Ethereum and other blockchains.

We are looking to hire an experienced Marketing Manager to develop and execute marketing strategies that build awareness, educate our target market and build brand loyalty. The Marketing Manager will help develop client personas, capture sales leads, generate value through the customer life cycle, track prospects, develop landing pages, create webpage forms, execute email marketing and report on web analytics.

Marketing Manager Responsibilities:


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