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Bitcoin's Safe Alternative to Wrapping or Bridging

Learn how DLC.Link has enabled smart contracts with native, on-chain Bitcoin using Ethereum.

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Bitcoin Can’t Be Used in Dapps

Since it lacks smart contract capabilities, Bitcoin cannot directly be used in decentralized finance (DeFi) such as lending or trading.

Borrowing Against Bitcoin Is Risky

The only way to take a loan against Bitcoin requires the user to send it to a custodian. But custodians have lost over $100B of user funds to date.

wBTC Is Fully Centralized

Wrapped Bitcoin and other Bitcoin-representing tokens are all centralized, making custodians manage liquidity and institute measures to avoid fraud or theft.

DLCs Enable Non-custodial Wrapping

Locking Bitcoin in self-custodied escrow eliminates counterparty risk. The user "self-wraps" their own Bitcoin and keeps it in their wallet.

Enable Native Bitcoin Experiences

Bitcoin oracles enable a broad range of apps to use native Bitcoin including gaming, swapping, trading, or NFT purchases.

Bitcoin Liquidity on Every Chain

Enable trillions of dollars of Bitcoin capital to be used in smart contracts on any chain.