Use Native Bitcoin Without Bridging

Unlocking Bitcoin Liquidity

Our infrastructure lets applications on any chain use native Bitcoin, locked in escrow in the user’s wallet

Use Bitcoin without sending it to a custodian

Bitcoin escrow contracts can be built into applications on any chain -- Stacks, Ethereum, Avalanche, Solana and more!

New Age Defi Apps

Syvita + DLC.Link for
Non-Custodial Stacks Mining Pool

Stacks mining requires a large amount of Bitcoin in order to participate successfully.

Therefore, there is a need for having the ability for pooling together multiple users’ Bitcoin to be an effective miner.

Syvita is taking on this challenge with the Syvita Stacks Mining Pools.



Arkadiko is a decentralized, non-custodial liquidity protocol where users can collateralize their STX tokens and borrow a stablecoin called USDA. 

It enables you to gain increased liquidity in the form of a soft-pegged US Dollar stablecoin, while maintaining original asset exposure.


Escrow Services

A big challenge and risk today is using Bitcoin in DeFi.

Because the Bitcoin blockchain does not natively communicate with other blockchains, there isn't a secure way to transfer, deposit, or lend your Bitcoin out without entrusting a custodian such as wBTC and opening yourself up to smart contract and third-party risk.


Built on Bitcoin


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What is a Bitcoin Oracle?

What Are Discreet Log Contracts (DLCs)?

Native Bitcoin Escrow

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