Move Bitcoin with Code,
Not Trust

Use native Bitcoin in Any App Without Bridging or Wrapping

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Graphic depicting how other blockchains can now communicate with the bitcon network, through our attestor layer

A More Secure Solution for Native Bitcoin Transactions

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Instant Settlement

Trustlessly Move Bitcoin in Minutes, Not Days

Bitcoin Smart Contract

Smart Contract Control

Support Bitcoin in Dapps on Ethereum, Cosmos and More

Image of a Bitcoin Attestor

Avoid Counterparty Risk

Eliminate Tri-Party Custody and Blackbox Risks

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An elegant solution that reduces counterparty risk and expands lending and settlement options.”

— Patrick McLaughlin, Founder, Brane
Digital Asset Custodian
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"DLC.Link is making Bitcoin more composable & usable in DeFi."

— Oliver Birch, Global Head, Chainlink BUILD Program
"DLC.Link is sovereign Bitcoin for everything else"

— Leading Bitcoin Investment Fund


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