dlcBTC Merchants Network

Join the dlcBTC Merchants Network - build a bridge between Bitcoin and dlcBTC for investors

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Join the dlcBTC Merchants Network

Earn passive income icon

Exclusive Minting and Burning Rights

Direct control over dlcBTC supply, impacting its market growth and stability.

Invest in Real-World Assets icon

Arbitrage Opportunities

Capitalize on dlcBTC-BTC price variations.

Secure Ordinal Trading icon

Swap Fee

Gain 0.25% on dlcBTC retail transactions.

Key Responsibilities:

1. Mint dlcBTC

Create dlcBTC by locking BTC into a DLC "lockbox", a special multisig UTXO.

2. Burn dlcBTC

Redeem Bitcoin, reducing dlcBTC supply.

3. Transactions

Offer dlcBTC to users, ensuring security and compliance.

Become a dlcBTC Merchant:

To become a dlcBTC Merchant, follow these steps:

1. Application

Submit an application to the dlcBTC network, detailing your business and compliance capabilities.

2. Compliance Review:

Undergo a compliance review, including KYC/AML checks, to meet regulatory standards.

3. Technical Integration:

Set up the necessary technical infrastructure to interact with the dlcBTC network, including wallet setup and whitelisting for access. API available upon request.

4. Training and Support

Receive training on the dlcBTC protocol, including minting, burning, and transaction processes.

5. Approval and Activation

Upon approval, your status as a dlcBTC Merchant will be activated, allowing you to start minting and burning dlcBTC, and transacting with retail users.

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