DLC.Link Certification Program

September 7, 2022

DLC.Link Certification Program

Announcing DLC.Link's Certification Program!

Program Context

Applications on L1 and L2 blockchains are looking to use the DLC.Link platform to gain the ability to move, send, and accept Bitcoin (BTC) directly from user wallets. Today, users must first swap their BTC for a wrapped version or use a bridge, which introduces security risks and a cumbersome User Experience. DLCs allow users to escrow Bitcoin in a wallet which then is represented as a certified deposit token, stablecoin, or NFT in another application. Furthermore, DLCs are non-custodial which allows applications to launch without securing regulatory approval as the application developer never holds the user’s funds directly.

DLC.link's Certification program outlines the necessary steps to implement our platform into any application.

Phase 1: Readiness

Developers applying to the program specify the following:

  • Which chain(s) are you building on?
  • Do you already have smart contracts published on-chain?
  • How many engineers are working on the product?
  • What wallets to do you plan to support?
  • What is the business problem you are solving?
  • Do you have budget identified for the integration?
  • Optionally, do you have a timeframe identified for your launch to testnet? Mainnet?

Phase 2: Solution Architecture (2 weeks)

The DLC.link team will work with the developer to design an integration plan

  • Describe use case for BTC in the application
  • Build a shared diagram showing the user’s interaction with DLCs
  • Name any oracle partners or data sources (Chainlink, RedStone)
  • Identify data that will need to be passed for DLC open/close events and scope API call
  • Design initial UI/UX for the user
  • Validate audience launch plans

Phase 3: Implementation (4-8 weeks)

DLC.link’s technical team works with the developer to integrate the necessary components

  • Build smart contracts with DLC code customized to the application
  • Determine DLC close conditions and build process flows for each outcome
  • Design Bitcoin-enabled UI mockups and user flows
  • Integrate a Bitcoin wallet that supports the DLC signing flow

Phase 4: Testing (2 weeks)

The developer gets their application ready for alpha launch

  • Support the DLC portion of developer’s security audit
  • Provide feedback on developer’s alpha launch strategy
  • DLC.link certification

As the last step, DLC.link will certify the application’s readiness to launch their DLC-based solution!

Join us as we enable a Trillion dollars of Bitcoin capital to be used in smart contracts. Contact us:

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