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November 14, 2023
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FROST at DLC.Link: Pioneering Advanced Security for DLCs

We are upgrading our system to improve security and make managing our network faster and more efficient.

DLC.Link is enhancing our Discreet Log Contract framework by integrating FROST (Flexible Round-Optimized Schnorr Threshold Signatures) to boost security and to streamline attestor management.

This upgrade would enhance our Attestor network with a self-healing capability, and would reducing computational complexities while maintaining security standards. FROST's key resharing capability enables dynamic management of the Attestor network, allowing swift adjustments without disrupting service integrity. This enhancement underscores our commitment to leading in secure, decentralized financial operations, ensuring robust and user-friendly experiences in DeFi.

Benefits of FROST in DLC.Link’s Ecosystem

FROST provides an optimal threshold signature scheme that not only streamlines the Attestor network’s operation within DLCs but also facilitates scalability. By integrating FROST, DLC.Link can expand its Attestor network, enabling the inclusion of more participants without incurring the substantial computational burdens typically associated with such expansions. 

Furthermore, a core feature of FROST is its ability to dynamically manage the Attestor network. Should an Attestor wish to exit or is deemed unsuitable, FROST’s key resharing capability allows for the network to reconstitute, adding new Attestors while maintaining the integrity and continuity of the service.

Operational Mechanics with FROST

DLC.Link maintains a fixed number of seven Attestors, requiring a consensus threshold of five. Here’s how FROST enhances the operational process:

Key Generation and Network Resilience

  • During initial setup or when Attestors are changed, a collaborative key generation takes place, establishing both the shared key and individual shards for each Attestor.
  • This flexible key generation mechanism ensures that the Attestor network can later be modified, securely and without interruption to the service.

Efficient DLC Lifecycle Management

  • Announcement Phase: An event on the blockchain triggers the selection of a coordinator from the Attestors, who then disseminates the create-dlc command to its peers, leading to the formation of a consensus-backed DLC announcement.
  • Attestation Phase: Similarly, to close a DLC, a blockchain event prompts a coordinator to orchestrate the creation of a DLC attestation, with each Attestor’s signature ensuring a secure and verified end to the contract.

By integrating FROST, DLC.Link enhances the resilience and efficiency of our DLC network. This ensures that our platform remains at the forefront of secure, decentralized financial operations, providing our users with robust infrastructure for engaging in DeFi activities.