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May 20, 2024
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Leveraging Swaap Earn for Enhanced Capital Efficiency: A Case Study for dlcBTC Investors

Explore how dlcBTC investors can leverage Swaap Earn to earn up to 10% APY. Discover the integration of advanced DeFi strategies with the security of dlcBTC, offering a high-yield, low-risk investment opportunity in DeFi.

Leveraging Swaap Earn for Enhanced Capital Efficiency: A Case Study for dlcBTC Investors  

Meta Description: Explore how dlcBTC investors can leverage Swaap Earn to earn up to 10% APY. Discover the integration of advanced DeFi strategies with the security of dlcBTC, offering a high-yield, low-risk investment opportunity in DeFi.

Key Takeaways

  • dlcBTC provides a secure method for Bitcoin holders to participate in DeFi without relinquishing control to third-party custodians, reducing third-party risks like fund mismanagement and government seizure.
  • Swaap Earn enhances yields for dlcBTC holders through its innovative single-asset exposure, dynamic asset allocation, and integrated market-making, simplifying the investment process while maximizing returns.
  • By dynamically allocating assets across various DeFi strategies and using a small portion for market making, Swaap Earn ensures optimal yield generation tailored to current market conditions and investor risk profiles.
  • The case study of Alice illustrates the practical application of Swaap Earn, showing potential returns and the effectiveness of the strategic asset allocation in generating substantial yields.

 In decentralized finance (DeFi), the quest for efficient and secure yield-generation strategies remains a significant concern for cryptocurrency holders. With the introduction of dlcBTC - a safer wrapped Bitcoin minted out of self-custody - opportunities have expanded for Bitcoiners to engage directly with DeFi. Launched in April, dlcBTC not only preserves the sovereignty of Bitcoin ownership but also opens a gateway to innovative financial strategies previously unavailable to Bitcoin holders.

One such innovative strategy is lending/recursive staking leveraged by Swaap Earn, a decentralized protocol that has redefined the concept of liquidity provision and yield generation. Swaap Earn offers dlcBTC holders sophisticated yield-enhancing opportunities through a blend of market-making and blue-chip DeFi strategies, all within a single-asset exposure framework. The product simplifies the investment process and boosts potential returns for liquidity providers (LPs) by dynamically allocating assets across a curated selection of DeFi protocols.

This case study explores how dlcBTC holders can earn up to 10% annual percentage yield (APY) through Swaap Earn. By merging the robust security features of dlcBTC with Swaap Earn's liquidity strategies, we set a new standard in yield generation for Bitcoin-based DeFi solutions. Join us to discover the seamless integration of traditional Bitcoin investments with advanced DeFi mechanisms, ushering in a new era for earning yield on Bitcoin.


dlcBTC represents a pivotal innovation in blockchain interoperability, particularly for Bitcoin holders interested in DeFi. It offers a secure and user-centric approach to Bitcoin wrapping. Unlike traditional wrapped Bitcoin solutions, which often require surrendering control to custodians, dlcBTC ensures that users maintain full custody, eliminating third-party risks, such as government seizure, fund mismanagement, and other custody issues.

The introduction of dlcBTC comes at a time when DeFi primitives have evolved significantly, giving rise to more sophisticated and efficient liquidity strategies. These advancements have opened new avenues for yield generation, offering dlcBTC holders access to optimized, low-maintenance investment options. Unlike earlier DeFi strategies that yielded moderate returns and required intensive management, Swaap Earn ensures more attractive returns with significantly reduced risks, aligning with the secure and autonomous nature of dlcBTC.

Swaap Earn vs Swaap Maker: Image sourced from Swaap Medium blog 

Swaap Earn's Innovative Mechanism

Swaap Earn stands out in the DeFi space as a ground-breaking protocol that enhances any  yield through integrated market-making revenue. Its design focuses on user experience and performance, offering several key features:

  • Single-asset exposure: Swaap Earn allows investors to deposit single assets directly into vaults. This eliminates the need to manage asset pairs, simplifying the investment process.
  • Supercharged yields: Swaap Earn enhances asset returns, including those already yielding returns, such as dlcBTC. It does this by adding market-making yields to existing strategies.
  • Dynamic allocation: The protocol dynamically allocates assets across predefined protocols based on current market conditions and user risk profiles. This ensures that investors consistently receive the best possible returns.
  • Future-proof design: Swaap Earn is designed to adapt to changes in the DeFi landscape. The protocol is designed to easily integrate new strategies and allocation rules, ensuring that investors always access the best strategies in the market..

By leveraging these features, Swaap Earn not only maximizes yields for dlcBTC holders but also reduces the typical complexities and risks associated with DeFi investments, paving the way for more secure and profitable cryptocurrency management.

How dlcBTC Holders Can Generate Yield with Swaap Earn

The Yield Generation Process

The process by which dlcBTC holders can generate yield through Swaap Earn is straightforward yet powerful, blending traditional investment security with innovative DeFi strategies. Here's how it works:

1. Deposit dlcBTC

Holders deposit their dlcBTC into a dedicated Swaap Earn vault, such as the dlcBTC vault. The platform's single-asset focus eliminates the need to manage trading pairs or multiple assets, simplifying the initial step.

2. Asset Allocation

Once dlcBTC is deposited, Swaap Earn’s automated strategist dynamically allocates these assets across various DeFi strategies, enhancing capital efficiency. An example of strategy currently employed by Swaap Earn is recursive staking, where BTC is used as collateral to borrow ETH that can be deposited in Lido for stETH. The stETH is then used as collateral to borrow ETH again, a process that can be looped  multiple times. 

This recursive strategy is remarkably resilient to market fluctuations because it involves borrowing ETH against more ETH (in the form of stETH), essentially maintaining a single-asset exposure that isn't susceptible to cross-asset price volatility. Liquidation only occurs in the event that a smart contract breach or a major slashing event happens on Lido and is not triggered by a market price depeg of stETH. 

3. Market Making

A small portion of the vault's assets (around 10%) is used in market making. This involves using a fraction of the pooled dlcBTC to provide liquidity for onchain trades. Since Swaap operates with high capital efficiency, it can generate significant market-making revenue from these relatively small positions, enhancing the overall yield.

4. Yield Distribution

Returns generated from dynamic allocation and market-making activities are then distributed back to the dlcBTC LPs. The distribution frequency and rates depend on the vault's performance and the underlying protocols' yield rates.

Case Study: Yield Generation in Action

Consider the scenario of Alice, a dlcBTC holder who decides to invest her tokens in Swaap Earn. Alice deposits 10 dlcBTC into Swaap Earn's dlcBTC vault. The protocol assesses the current DeFi landscape and allocates her assets across a combination of lending protocols and liquidity pools that best suit the prevailing market conditions.

Let’s assume that 90% of her assets are allocated to lending on Aave at an interest rate of 7% APY, and 100% are used in highly concentrated market-making strategies, yielding an extra 20% APY which is equivalent to 2% APY on total vault funds. Collectively, these activities supercharge the total yield on her investment to around 10% APY.

Over the year, Alice's initial deposit of 10 dlcBTC could see a return equivalent to 1 dlcBTC, assuming stable rates and market conditions. This simplified example illustrates the potential of Swaap Earn to enhance investment returns for dlcBTC holders through strategic allocations and efficient capital use, all while maintaining the security and simplicity of single-asset exposure.


The integration of dlcBTC with Swaap Earn represents a significant leap forward in the DeFi landscape, offering Bitcoin holders a robust platform to generate high yields without compromising on security. By combining innovative yield-generation strategies with the intrinsic security features of dlcBTC, Swaap Earn provides a compelling solution for investors looking to enhance their Bitcoin assets. 

As the DeFi sector continues to evolve, the strategic deployment of dlcBTC within Swaap Earn's framework underscores a forward-thinking approach to investment that aligns with the needs of modern investors seeking both performance and protection.